Thursday, August 10, 2017

Crossing the Atlantic

I've always dreamed of flying my own plane across the Atlantic to Europe. Making the journey involves a lot of preparation, knowledge, and skill, not to mention time and energy. It seemed like a worthy challenge and when I bought a plane I made sure whatever I purchased would be up to the task.

After 4 years of airplane ownership and several long trips out to California; over water to Honduras, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico; and up to Canada, I've decided I'm ready for the adventure and also at a time in my life perfect to move to Barcelona, a city I've always loved dearly.

I'll be traveling with my friend, adventure buddy, and copilot, Joe. Not only will he be great company but he'll also take on some of the planning and flying workload being a pilot himself.

The route takes us up to northern Canada, across the ocean to Greenland, to Iceland, down to Scotland, and then to mainland Europe. We plan to stop for a day or two in Iceland, a day or so in Scotland, a few days in Berlin, and then finally head to Barcelona.

Planned total distance 4988 nautical miles, planned total flying time approximately 28h 30m.

Check out my plans and progress here in this blog. Click "Newer Post" at the bottom of each page to go on to the next.

Atlantic Crossing Resources
Atlantic Crossing Route
Atlantic Crossing Gear
Camera Gear
Atlantic Crossing Proposed Schedule/Fuel
Atlantic Crossing Day 1 KFRG CYFC CYZV CYKL
Atlantic Crossing Day 2 CYKL CYVP CYFB
Atlantic Crossing Day 3 CYFB BGSF BGKK BIRK
Atlantic Crossing Day 4 BIRK EGPC
Atlantic Crossing Day 5 EGPC EDAZ
Atlantic Crossing Day 6 EDAZ LFLP LEGE
Atlantic Crossing Day 7 LEGE LELL
Atlantic Crossing Recap


  1. Hello Mr. I am also looking for a FAA CFII for my IPC in Spain...Did you find one yet??

  2. Hello Nick,

    Is your aircraft still for sale?

  3. Hello Nick, can you show the VAT separately? I have been flying Mooney's since 1991, first a 231, then 252 models. Mooney is top. Welcome to Michelstadt EDFO (with 2 Mooneys on the field).

  4. Hello I am also looking to get BFR and IPC to get my FAA lisence current do you have a contact in Spain?