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N97NM Near Staniel Cay, Bahamas
N97NM is a 1986 Mooney Encore, converted from a Mooney 252. It has a 220hp turbocharged TSIO-360-SB engine, built-in oxygen system, TKS FIKI anti-icing system, GNS 480 WAAS GPS and fully coupled autopilot.

She's an exceptionally fast airplane. Above 20,000ft I regularly get 205-210 knots TAS while burning 13.5gph. Service ceiling is FL280.

Until August, 2017 she was based in NYC and I'd flown her as far south as Honduras, as far west as San Francisco, and as far north as Montreal. The next frontier is Europe, and this blog starts by documenting my trip there via the North Atlantic route through northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland.

And away we go...

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