Sunday, October 8, 2017

Atlantic Crossing Day 7 LEGE LELL

Day 7 Totals: 37.2nm, 0h20m

This was an unplanned extra day of flying to bring the airplane to its final home in Sabadell.

Lessons of the day:
  • Girona airport is not as expensive as one might expect. Still call ahead though...
  • Stay sharp on the use of ICAO flight plan forms.

LEGE - LELL (Sabadell, Spain)

I arrived back at Girona airport the next day around 3pm to move the plane to Sabadell. The Iberia handling guy acted a little put out by my surprise arrival (I didn't call ahead) at first but quickly got chatty and friendly when I was nice to him and he brought me to the airport ops office.

The fees were not too expensive (about 35€) and the staff was very friendly.  They had me file a VFR flight plan and I was on my way fairly quickly to Sabadell.

Filing a flight plan via the somewhat archaic computer system at Girona

It was a straightforward VFR flight. I landed and asked around to figure out who to speak with about long term parking. A nice fellow working for the adjuntament directed me over to he airport ops office on the other side of the airport. Since it was a long walk, he kindly lent me a bicycle.

The airport ops staff quickly realized the woman I need to speak with leaves at 3 so they gave me her number to call her the next day to sort things out. I biked back, secured the plane, and called a local friend to come meet me for coffee.

I had finally arrived.

N97NM parked on the ramp at LELL

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