Friday, August 11, 2017

Atlantic Crossing Route

This is the route I've chosen, with a little help from and other resources. This northern route is required for airplanes without an HF radio. If you fly at FL250 or higher, you can get better VHF coverage and can take a more southerly (and hence more direct) route. The Mooney can do FL250 but it's close to the service ceiling of FL280 and I didn't want to have to huff a ton of oxygen the entire way at that altitude to meet the requirement.


I collected as much information as I could about each stop using online information, Greenland's AIP, and by calling/emailing each airport.

CYFC - Fredericton International Airport New Brunswick
Good first stop for customs inside Canada
Hours m-f 12-22Z (0800-1800), s-s 13-21Z (0900-1700)
Fuel 100LL $5.80
Landing fees no
Approaches ILS, etc
ATIS 127.55
Tower 119.0
Has customs CANPASS 888-226-7277 hours 12-04Z (0800-0000)
FBO Capital Airways 506-446-3588

CYZV - Sept-Îles
Hours 0800-1800 approx
Fuel yes
FBO 450-443-0500
Fuel man 418-350-1702 call in advance to arrange

CYVP - Kuujjuaq
Hours 1330-22Z (0930-1800)
Fuel by drum only $9/gal - 54 gal drum - Halutik Fuel 819-964-6413/2978
Need drum key and pump
Landing fees ?
Contact FSS 15 nm 3200 MSL
Approaches ILS, etc
No tower
FBO no

CYFB - Iqaluit
Hours runway closure 2030-0600
Fuel by drum $4.65/gal - 54 gal drum - Uqsuq Corp 867 222 2855 (867-979-1620 or 867-979-2855)
Landing fees no
Approaches ILS, etc
No tower
FBO Frobisher Bay Touchdown Svcs 123.35 867-979-6226

BGSF - Kangerlussuaq/Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland (west coast)
Hours MON-SAT 1000-1900 UTC EXC SUN/HOL
PPR no
Customs 4 hr prior notice
Fuel ?
Landing fees ?
Approaches LOC/DME
Tower 118.3
Approach 126.2
FBO general terminal

BGKK - Kulusuk (east coast)
Hours MON-SAT 1000-1900 UTC EXC SUN/HOL
PPR 3 hours prior call +299 986901
Fuel 100LL $14.04/gal
Landing fees ?
Start fee $40
Parking $20.50/night
Handling $128 mandatory
Approaches NDB only
Tower no
AFIS 118.1
FBO general terminal

BIRK - Reykjavik
Hours 24 hours
PPR no
Customs 24 hours
Landing fees ?
Approaches ILS, etc.
Tower 118.0
Approach 119.0
ATIS 128.1

EGPC - Wick, Scotland
Hours Mon-Thu 0700-2030 (0600-1930); Fri 0815-2030 (0715-1930); Sun 1515-1715 (1415-1615)
PPR yes
Fuel 100LL
Landing fees ?
Approaches ILS, etc.
Tower 119.7
Approach 119.7
ATIS 113.6 (NAV freq)
FBO Far North Aviation Tel: 01955-602201

EGPH - Edinburgh, Scotland
Hours 24 hours
PPR yes
Fuel 100LL
Landing fees ?
Approaches ILS, etc.
Tower 118.7
Approach 121.2
ATIS 131.35

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